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The Vampire Diaries actress Claire Holt talks in a new interview about the Stefan/Rebekah hookup and Rebekah’s arc this season.

ET Online spoke to Holt recently about her work on The Vampire Diaries – and although sadly there is still no word on her potential involvement with the spinoff series The Originals, she does open up about the recent Stefan/Rebekah development.

She says that she’s always enjoyed the dynamic between the two characters and that, “I think it brings out good things in both Stefan and Rebekah,” but at the same time confesses that, “I’m always a little scared of the Stelena shippers.”

Holt also speaks about Rebekah’s mindset regarding the hookup, saying that while she’s definitely enjoying their renewed connection, “deep down she knows whatever is going on right now is a mutually beneficial relationship – they’re hooking up, having fun, but they have a common goal.”

And speaking of shipping, what about the one that never sailed – Rebekah/Matt? “I like the idea of her and Matt,” Holt admits, “I think it would have given her a more human experience.” And while she doesn’t think they’ll get together any time soon (Rebekah did try to kill him, after all), eventually “I’d like to have someone love her. I think it’s important.”

Finally, Holt offers a small preview of tonight’s episode, in which the decade dance is cancelled, leaving Rebekah very disappointed. She says, “when the dance gets cancelled and Stefan finds a charming way to make up for it. What he does really means a lot to her.”

We can’t wait! The Vampire Diaries 4×12 “A View to Kill” airs at 8/7c on The CW.


Just like Katherine Pierce, Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt) can do do no wrong. There, we said it. Even when she’s causing devastating car crashes, destroying her brother’s doppelganger blood bags, chaining a shirtless Damon up to her wall (THANKS, GIRL!) and gleefully hazing Elena Gilbert, we still yearn for her sassy phrases (“Bite your tongue.”) and queen bee antics.

Well, it seems as though our wishes have been answered because, when The Vampire Diaries Season 4 returns with all new episodes on Thursday, January 17th, Rebekah will make a triumphant return to the show after her loyal sidekick, April Young, removes the dagger — that Stefan originally inserted — from Bex’s heart. And, in celebration of this drama-filled event, we interviewed Claire Holt to get the scoop on whats next for her volatile character and to find out what big plans Bex has in store for the poor souls of Mystic Falls!

Alloy Entertainment: Rebekah is back! What’s she going to be like now that she’s undaggered?
Claire Holt: Rebekah is going to come back with a vengeance! She’s going to be angry and looking to take some people down. I think that every time she’s burned, she gets a little more stone cold and she definitely wants to enact revenge on — in particular — Stefan, Elena, and Caroline, who she questions at the high school [in “After School Special”]. It was a really fun episode to shoot. There’s a lot of torture and manipulation going on — it’s going to be a big [episode] for sure!

Alloy Entertainment: What about Klaus? He’s the one who orchestrated Rebekah’s daggering. Will she be making him a prime target as well?
Claire Holt: Rebekah, in this specific episode, is going to focus on retrieving answers from Stefan, Elena and Caroline. She’s going to question them about [the hunter] tattoo, the cure, and definitely Elena’s relationships — and she really wants to find out what they know about it.

Alloy Entertainment: There have been rumors floating around that Rebekah and Stefan might grow closer throughout the season. Does their relationship shift at any point and how so?
Claire Holt: I think that’s a spoiler and I can’t really give away too much. [Laughs.] However, I think that the dynamic between them will definitely change – at least after all the torturing. In [“After School Special”], Rebekah questions Elena and Stefan’s relationship and this will bring some uncomfortable truths to light.

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This made me squeee, my two favourite girls Claire and Kelly, together!

Claire Holt, Kelly Clarkson, Twit Pic

Stars— they’re just like us!

Yeah, except that when they are a huge fan of a show, they are given a tour of the set by said show’s executive producers and gets to hang out with the cast. This is exactly what Kelly Clarkson got to do today with the CW”s Vampire Diaries!

The American Idol winner was invited to visit the show’s Atlanta set by executive creator Julie Plec, where she got to rub elbows with Mystic Falls’ finest!

Vampire Diaries star Claire Holt, who plays vampire Rebekah, snapped a picture with Clarkson, which she posted on her Twitter account. “Special visitor on set today, ” she wrote. “So great to meet you @kelly_Clarkson :).”

So how did Clarkson wind up on set? Plec got to meet Clarkson after her show at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles last week and learned that the singer is a fan of the show.  “And….as the capper to the night I just met @kelly_clarkson who it turns out is #TVDFamily,” Plec tweeted at the time. “Gonna give her a set tour next week.”

Nice to see she keeps her promises!


“The Vampire Diaries”: Episode 4 will flash back to the 1100s, where we’ll meet Alexander — a vampire hunter with a very, very mean streak. Unfortunately, when he meets Rebekah, he’s unaware that she is one of the very creatures he’s hunting… and, naturally, he’s quite taken with her.


Rebekah Wears Ancient Garb in The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 8, “Ordinary People”

If you’ve been waiting for The Vampire Diaries to get old timey again, you’ll be happy to know it will happen relatively quickly in Season 4. According toTV Line, TV Guide, Spoiler TV, and TV Addict and things will get hot in the 1100s for Rebekah (Claire Holt) — but not in a sexy, fun way.

In the Mystic Falls town square, a couple of vampires will be burned at the stake. A 12th-century vamp hunter is featured in the episode, and he could very well be responsible for their deaths. The flashback will also reveal a “big secret that will change the course of the season for everybody,” Julie Plec tells TV Line. Since a modern-day hunter (Todd Williams) is due in Mystic Falls, there could be repercussions from the vampire killer from hundreds of years ago in the present.

Or it might just have something to do with the fact that Rebekah is trying to repent for her sins. Trying to get Matt’s (Zach Roerig) attention after she ran him off the road won’t be easy, but Julie tells The Hollywood Reporter that Bex “is still harboring her secret fling for Matt — and it isn’t so secret anymore.” A simple apology doesn’t work on him, so “If she’s ever going to get any attention with Matt, she’s going to have to change her behavior and go about it a different way,” says Julie.

Maybe telling him a story involving flashbacks to that time 900 years ago when a crazy hunter was trying to kill you is an appropriate wooing strategy?


Claire isn’t mentioned but I thought you’d all like some TVD news and this will most likely affect everyone!

If you’re still gnashing your teeth and wearing a black armband for Vampire Diaries’ Alaric (Matt Davis), don’t expect the new hunter, Connor (Todd Williams), to take his old stool next to Damon (Ian Somerhalder) at the bar. This newcomer is badass to the bone, and he’s not concerned with befriending vampires. In fact, he has one bloodsucker at the top of his list — and that list is not a good thing to be on.

According to E! Online, it’s Elena (Nina Dobrev) whom Connor is after. Geez, talk about starting with an easy target! The girl will be grieving for her lost life, dealing with blood cravings, and trying to keep everyone from blaming each other for her vamp status. Come on, Connor. It’s her first day (as a vampire)!

Poor E. She better add “learn to dodge stakes” to that list of “To Dos.”


“The Vampire Diaries” boss, Julie Plec, spilled on more season 4 scoop and revealed Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) paths for next fall.

We got some new goods on Thursday regarding what is in store for Original vampire siblings Rebekah and Klaus in season 4. Speaking to TVLine, Julie revealed some interesting information on the pair about what they will encounter as their journey continues.

‘Vampire Diaries’ season 4 tease: Vampire Elena will be like season 1’s Stefan

Dropping the bombshell that they planned on killing Klaus at the end of season 3, Julie revealed that they decided against it when they realized how much story the fan-favorite vamp still held in him.

“When you have actors that are that good, making such a distinct mark in the roles that they are playing, you have to let your storytelling evolve and wrap around that a little bit,” Julie explained, “We collectively decided around the middle of season 3 that we weren’t done with Klaus.”

‘Vampire Diaries’ boss Julie Plec: Elena’s transition will reboot season 4

So, when season 4 begins, Klaus will thankfully still be around, although he is going to reside in Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) body for a while… But, as Julie said in earlier interviews during the CW upfronts, we never actually saw Klaus body parish on the season 3 finale, so there is “a 99.9% likelihood that body did not burn up in that coffin.”

Then, referring to Rebekah, Julie said she was “very excited” about what will develop for her in season 4. “With Rebekah, who is so vulnerable and damaged, but has that tough exterior, we get to see a queen bee in action; we get to see a mean girl.”

‘Vampire Diaries’ show writer: Season 4 will make people ‘freak’

The now “ostracized” Original, will be hated by all who love Elena (Nina Dobrev) because of her role in turning our innocent human heroine into a vampire. She will also have to face a very angry Matt (Zach Roerig), who now hates her for what happened to Elena.

“Once she gets over the hump of being ‘World’s Most Hated’ in the yearbook, how will she live?” Julie teased, “And what will her life be like?”

New ‘Vampire Diaries’ season 4 scoop: Caroline and Stefan will get closer

Looks like Rebekah may be headed for some redemption, and as the lethal, but yet sweet perpetual teenage girl, she may actually earn some sympathy if she decides to pull a “ripper-no-more Stefanesque changeover.”