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CW will have more vampire action on its slate this fall with “The Originals” joining the network. On Monday, May 20, TV Guide shared new comments made by Claire Holt about the series and the crossover potential the series will have with “The Vampire Diaries” as well. Check out the previously released photos for the cast of both shows here and here. If you missed any of the previously released photos or spoilers for either of these programs, check out the related topics links on the sidebar for more news.

During the season finale for “The Vampire Diaries” on CW, Rebekah went on with Matt to show him the world. This is not the last fans will see of this couple. In fact, fans might see Matt pop up on “The Originals” at some point. The same has been said about Caroline. Holt teased the following about Matt and Rebekah, according to TV Guide:

“Julie [Plec] has left the door open for us to have cross-overs and for each of the characters to swap between the show.”

Rebekah will have some work to do when it comes to her brother Klaus though. The siblings had a number of problems pop up between them during season four of “The Vampire Diaries.” Holt said the following about Rebekah and her brother:

“She’s going to have to mend her relationship with Klaus in order to make it successful and work for her. I’m hoping Rebekah and Klaus will reconnect again because we had some fun times in the ’20s.”

Elijah will also join the siblings in New Orleans for “The Originals” this fall. Klaus will work to reclaim the city for himself. “The Originals” will premiere on CW this fall.


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